Urban suburban… my 7+ mile adventure

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This morning I woke up with the urge to spend hours enjoying the outdoors. Although it’s technically spring in Winnipeg, the weather has been alternating between parka cold and spring puddles, sometimes in the space of an afternoon. Today though, it looked to be a relatively nice day. So I decided to go for a walk… a really long walk, maybe even an epic walk (at least for me). For the Winnipeger’s reading this, I decided to walk from The Forks to Charleswood.
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PechaKucha Wpg, Vol. 13 (recap)

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Pecha Kucha Winnipeg Vol. 13

On March 7, GDC Manitoba’s 13th installment of PechaKucha Winnipeg took place at the Park Theatre. We are all in agreement that this may have been one of the best ones yet! Although to be honest, we probably say that every time. Thursday night’s line-up included Matt Henderson (Teacher and Activist), Andrew Yankiwski (Partner, Precursor Productions), Blair Helgason (Designer), Brian Kelcey (Writer, Speaker and Policy Consultant), John Johnston (Freelance Photographer), Nicole Barry (Co-Founder, Half Pints Brewery), a PKN video by Tokyo presenter Joseph Tame called “The Art of Running“, Wendy Sawatzky (Artist), Matt Brooks (Graphic Design, RRC Student), Howard Gurevich (Owner, Gurevich Fine Art), Joseph Ranseth (Purpose-Driven Marketer) and Erin Propp & Larry Roy (Singer/Songwriter).
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PechaKucha Wpg, Vol. 12 (musings)

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We at GDC Manitoba have had 12, count them, TWELVE! PechaKucha Nights in Winnipeg now. Three years later, we’re still going strong and have already booked our dates for 2013 (March 7, May 16, September 12 and December 5). What’s so amazing to us is that we keep finding such interesting speakers… it’s a real testament to the varied creative culture that we have in Winnipeg! We always do our best to choose an eclectic, entertaining mix of presenters for each line-up, but that is where our work stops. Our speakers pour their heart and soul into their presentations — they make us laugh, cry, think and most of all, they give us a huge, heaping dose of inspiration. We can’t thank them enough.
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Winnipeg Folk Festival 2012

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My impressions of this year’s Winnipeg Folk Festival (my eighth year in a row)…
After this many years, folk fest feels like home. I feel 100% comfortable and safe, surrounded by good folkie souls. Sunday always comes with mixed emotions — on the one hand, I’m missing my husband and dog and kind of want to go home, and on the other hand, I wish it could go on for a few more days. It’s all part of the cycle though and now we get to look forward to next year! This wasn’t my favourite year for music, but I still had a wonderful time and based on my list below, have lots of artists to check out and enjoy further.
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My summer so far

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I’ve had a great summer so far, and wanted to share a little of it via some photos. From Jazz Fest to planting flowers to camping/drumming with friends to spending time with Rob up at a cabin in the Whiteshell, it has all been lovely. And tomorrow I head off to the Winnipeg Folk Festival for more summer fun. Woot! Woot!

Photos below.
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