week 9

365two: Days 57-63

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For this week, I decided to give myself a daily dose of SLR. Over the last several months my picture-taking habits have changed, and given my overall goal of selling fine art photography, they’ve changed for the worse. I rarely use my Nikon D3100, and instead, seem to be in Instagram-mode.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love taking photos with my iPhone (whether using the built-in camera or an app like Instagram or Flickr), but I’d prefer to use it for slice-of-life shots, location scouting, concept ideas, etc. Unfortunately my Nikon to iPhone balance is all off. So this week was about righting that… about reminding myself why I like my SLR so much. After all, I did name it (for those who haven’t officially met my camera yet, her name is Niko Prairie) and Niko deserves to be used!
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