Sunday road trip

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Blog: Matlock and Winnipeg Beach

Today my sister and I went on a short road trip to Matlock Beach and Winnipeg Beach. It was fun to get out of town, most especially to somewhere I haven’t been before. This was my first time seeing Matlock Beach in person (I’ve seen many a photo of those gorgeous piers), and I don’t recall being in Winnipeg Beach before, although it’s possible my parents took me there when I was young.

I think I took the most pleasure in sounds today… the gulls overhead, the waves hitting the shore and most especially our feet hitting the boardwalk as my sister and I walked without having to say a word about where we planned to wander to.

Eerie waters

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Today I went for a drive with my sisters up to the Lockport Dam. At this time of the year, the gates are open and we were able to get right down to the water instead of trying to shoot through the chain link fence. I love the sound of the water crashing over — there is just something about the force of it.
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