Our trip down under

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My Mom and I just got back from a 16-day trip to New Zealand and Australia. It turned out to be a very random trip (in my opinion, the best kind), with visits to family, old friends, new friends, farm and city. The following photos are a few visual highlights.
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My first trip to Victoria

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I just came home from a trip to Victoria, BC with my best friend. This was our third trip together, having gone to San Francisco a couple of times before. The overall impression that I took from Victoria was “lush”. At this time of the year, Winnipeg is green and flowers are starting to appear, but in Victoria the green is a different, more vibrant shade and there are flowers everywhere. I was also really struck by how sculpted all of the foliage is. Here people probably trim their hedges and shrubs once in a while, but there it seems to be more of an art form. I can’t decide which I like better — the sculpted look or the slightly wild/let-it-be look that we have here.
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San Francisco

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I’ve been to San Francisco, California twice now… and plan to go back there (probably more than once). There is just something about that city that grabs me. I’m happy there; connected and at peace somehow. Might have something to do with all of the walking that I do when I’m there.

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Québec City, 400 years

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Rob & I went to Québec City in 2008, which happened to coincide with their 400 year celebration. I had been there once before (with my parents when I was in high school), but it was Rob’s first time there. The weather was perfect, with only a little rain here and there. Walking through Old Town was a true pleasure – we loved the European feel and the wonderful architecture and cobblestone streets. When I’m there I like to imagine what it must have been like all those years ago.

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Our hiatus

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This past winter, Rob & I had the opportunity to take a 2-month hiatus from work. Neither of us could remember taking more than two weeks off in a row since way back when we were in elementary school. Even with summer holidays, both of us had always worked summer jobs… so it was a great chance to be able to step away from it all, spend some quality time together, explore somewhere new and take time to reassess.

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