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The Spaces Within: for those of you who missed it

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For those of you who missed it, I wanted to share a photo tour of my gallery show The Spaces Within that ran from June 1-8, 2012. I’ll be posting the complete collection to my website in the coming weeks (with all of the photos at a nice, viewable size), but in the meantime, please enjoy.

I thrive on feedback, so if you have a moment, let me know what you think of the show (whether you saw it in person at the gallery or whether you’re viewing it now). I appreciate constructive critique so please, be honest and let me know your thoughts on my work and the gallery presentation.

Artist’s Statement:
I’ve been drawn to space all my life; finding my place within the landscape. This collection reflects my response to those landscapes—the area I’ll always call home, the places I’ve wandered through, the moods I’ve found myself in and the situations I’ve encountered. There is a quiet goodness in my space, as well as happiness, loneliness, curiousity, trepidation, hope and wonder.

As you wander through, I hope that you’ll stop to breathe, find a quiet place within yourself, and in that moment, see.

More photos below:
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