Sketching makes me happy

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Back in October 2012, I took a workshop called “Pencils Down” with Mark Baskinger and William Bardel. Ever since then, I’ve been trying to get back into the habit of sketching. I now regularly carry a sketchbook with me, along with some technical pens and markers and can be found sketching on the bus, at lunch, on my couch, during meetings, etc. Rather than fall back on my old drawing style that I went into college with (copying real items with the goal of matching as closely as possible), I’m drawing out of my head. This approach has resulted in a real mix in terms of quality, but has also turned out some creative pieces that I’m really pleased with. Regular practice has made me more patient, detailed and open… I can see an improvement and I’m hooked again. Feels good!
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12 reasons

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My mind has been racing with project ideas, creative daydreams and professional development plans lately. So in an attempt to remember them, while also setting all of it aside for a few weeks, I’ve made a 2014 list to do. Or as I also like to call it… twelve reasons that I’ll never be bored.
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365two: Days 253-259

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I’m just back from my yearly trip to the Winnipeg Folk Festival. This was my 10th year and it was fantastic as always… lots of time with friends, good music, total relaxation. This year I brought a hammock along (a very good addition) and I tried to sketch a little every day. I also took a couple of photos that I’ve shared below. Now I’m off to continue my summer vacation… next stop, cabin.
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365two: Days 190-196

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This week, I sketched for a little while every day. Usually just abstract notions, but sometimes, rough scenes. I forced myself to use thicker markers, even though at times it made my sketches feel messy (I like the precise lines of my technical pens). I doodled on the couch while watching tv shows I wasn’t really into, or while relaxing on the couch enjoying the sound of my family chatting around me. I’ve been finding it fun to lose myself in the page for a little while.

I’d find it amusing to hear what you see in each of these sketches. For example, a couple of people told me Day 190 looked like an old-school platform jumper game.
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365two: Days 162-168

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This week was a week of family projects. I had intended on starting and finishing a wine label design for Mom & Dad (they are making wine now, with produce from their garden), but I didn’t fully finish the project. As you can see from my sketches below, I got to the point of a rough comp, but I’m not happy with the design yet. I also spent a good portion of the weekend helping my sister Elaine start her photography website — setting up hosting, buying her a domain name, getting her going in WordPress, etc. It was fun, and I’m suffering from a bit of WordPress theme jealousy. I can’t wait to see her site up and running — she’s got some great work and it’s time it is showcased professionally.

I could do my usual and fill in the rest of the week with random Instagram shots, but I’d rather keep this post on topic. Just trust me that I did do something creative each day.
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365two: Days 155-161

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I’m finally getting around to posting Week 23 of my 365two project. Once again, I’d like to say that I had a theme for the week, and once again, I didn’t. I sketched a couple of days, and instagrammed the rest. Highlights of the week were a great presentation by Ian McCausland at the Winnipeg South Photo Club and a Saturday drive out to the country for quality time with my family.
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