365two: Days 85-91

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I spent the week planning out a self-portrait that ultimately turned into an awkward family portrait of my niece and I. At first I thought it would be interesting to pull as many odd objects into the scene as possible, to the point where (combined with our wardrobe, makeup and hair), the end result would be completely overdone. In the end though, I decided to dial the scene back into an eclectic, but tasteful composition. We still painted our faces and wore clothes that clashed, but with the final processing, I feel it works. I’ve titled the final image “Better off sitting”.

ps. Day 88 had nothing to do with this concept… instead, I was happily instagramming the snowfall.
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365two: Days 64-70

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This week, I was all over the place in terms of creative outlets. However, my main focus was to start and finish a presentation that I’ll be sharing with the Winnipeg South Photo Club on Wednesday, January 16. The title is “PLANNING AND PACKAGING YOUR GALLERY SHOW” and I’ll be explaining the approach that I took for my last gallery show, “The Spaces Within“. I’ve divided my presentation into five sections: Theme, Layout, Design, Promotion and Reception.

Aside from that, I shot a couple of self-portraits that I’m really pleased with, spent Thursday night drumming with some good friends (smiled all the way home because I was so happy) and did a little sketching.

I should technically wait until tomorrow to post this, but I’ve spent the majority of my Saturday putting together the presentation and I don’t want to be anywhere near my computer tomorrow. Instead, I plan to go skating down the river trail with a good friend.
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