Inspired by… Baraka

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At a recent Winnipeg South Photo Club meeting, we watched a 1993 film called Baraka. I’m anxious to watch it again, as well as Ron Fricke’s 2011 follow-up called Samsara. Both are non-verbal films, filled with stunning, thought-provoking imagery and backed with music/sound. I feel as though I could watch over and over again, each time seeing something different.

You can view a behind-the-scenes trailer here or check out the official site here (the following description is pulled from there).

In the ancient Sufi language, Baraka is a word that translates to ‘the thread that weaves life together’.

Originally shot in 25 countries on six continents, Baraka brought together a series of stunningly photographed scenes to capture what director Ron Fricke calls “a guided mediation on humanity.” It was a shoot of unprecedented technical, logistical and bureaucratic scope that would take 30 months to complete, including 14 months on location, with a custom-built computerized 65mm camera.

“The goal of the film,” says producer Mark Magidson, “was to reach past language. nationality, religion and politics and speak to the inner viewer.