Ode to Kato

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Rob and I got our dog Kato ten+ years ago now. She’s a wonderful companion, always so happy to see us; and when not having one of her many naps, is a crazy bundle of energy. This makes it hard to get a good photo of her because she doesn’t like to stand still for very long. I like how the last photo shows the ‘wild’ in her — she’s most in her element outside, running free.

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365two: Days 15-21

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I spent Week 3 appreciating our first big snowfall of the year. Once we get deeper into winter, I’ll start complaining about the cold (to be honest, I’ve already been doing that), and daydreaming about living in a warmer climate. But there is always something magical about the start of winter — seeing trees covered in snow, noticing deer and bunny tracks everywhere and watching them build up over time, finding cozy deer beds in the forest, watching our dog Kato roll around in the snow and act like a little maniac. I also love the colours… red branches or brown grass offset against the snow and how the ice turns snowy blue at first.
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