365two: Days 246-252 / country photos

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This is the last week that I’ll be using my 365 project time to focus on our upcoming gallery show. I do still have quite a bit of work to get done (mounting the photos, laying out all of the labels, etc.), but it will get done behind the scenes. This weekend Elaine and I are focused on getting our files off to print. I don’t really want to share our photos now, as I want to save them for the gallery show. So instead, I thought I’d share some more pics of the country we love (taken on my iPhone because I somehow forgot my SLR). These were taken on my June solstice camping trip.
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My favourite Manitoba destination

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This weekend, I went to my favourite place in Manitoba… home. I visited with my family, ate my Mom’s ridiculously good food, had naps, chilled out on the deck and went for hikes down in the Cypress River valley not once, not twice, but three times. The river is wider than I’ve ever seen it, and from the looks of the debris on the ground, it was at least two feet higher earlier this spring. My family tells me there was an ice jam near the bridge and the river got very close to flowing over the road. Each year, the river carves out more of the bank, changing the shape and moving the river bed over time. My mom, sister Elaine and our two dogs, Kato and Cosmo hiked up and down the river valley, seeing all sorts of interesting things. No matter how many homes I’ll live in, my first home will always have my heart.
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My kind of river trail

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On Saturday, while my nephew Ian was playing in a hockey game, my sister Elaine & I went out with Erin and Dion to skate on the river. What’s interesting, is I’m fairly certain this is the first time I’ve skated on this river. It amazes me really, because I grew up skating all the time (at the rink at school and at the dugout in our pasture)… and I’ve certainly spent many a summer hour wading through the river. My brother and I even paddled a canoe downstream one summer when the water was high enough that it covered the barbed wire fences. But skate on it? Never.
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