Our trip down under

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My Mom and I just got back from a 16-day trip to New Zealand and Australia. It turned out to be a very random trip (in my opinion, the best kind), with visits to family, old friends, new friends, farm and city. The following photos are a few visual highlights.
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365two: Days 260-266

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Rob and I spent most of this last week at a little cabin in West Hawk Lake. It was really nice for us to get away from our usual routine and to make ‘play’ the focus of our days. We hiked up a cliff, we went to the beach a couple of times, played shuffleboard (Rob won best of seven… twice) and went for a couple of good long bike rides (30km and 20km) on the Trans Canada Trail between West Hawk Lake and Falcon Lake. The trail was full of ups and downs, something I’m not that used to, and my legs were killing me by the end. But it was awesome and super fun. My favourite part of the trail was in a pine stand that was planted in 1959. It was beautiful… tall trees and red pine needles covering the forest floor. In other highlights, we had almost nightly visits from a very friendly deer. I took photos every day… here’s the ones I liked the most (Rob took the ones of me).
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My first trip to Victoria

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I just came home from a trip to Victoria, BC with my best friend. This was our third trip together, having gone to San Francisco a couple of times before. The overall impression that I took from Victoria was “lush”. At this time of the year, Winnipeg is green and flowers are starting to appear, but in Victoria the green is a different, more vibrant shade and there are flowers everywhere. I was also really struck by how sculpted all of the foliage is. Here people probably trim their hedges and shrubs once in a while, but there it seems to be more of an art form. I can’t decide which I like better — the sculpted look or the slightly wild/let-it-be look that we have here.
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