Farm Project: February

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My sister and I just spent another weekend out at the farm, taking photos for our farm project. With the help of a gorgeous February morning, complete with hoarfrost, nice light and a blue skies, we were able to take much better photos and are both really happy with the results. As well, with so little snow on the ground, we went on a short hike each day, wandering through the pasture and visiting some favourite spots.
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Bliss for the soul

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I’ve spent my last couple of weeks (maybe longer?) feeling more stress than I’d like. It started off slow and innocent-like, but has been building up level by level until finally last week I broke down and cried. At work. In front of a kind almost-stranger. I don’t know who else is like this, but when I feel like I’m barely handling things, if someone goes out of their way to be nice to me (in this case asking in a very concerned voice “so how are you?”), that’s what usually causes me to spill over.
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