The making of a PechaKucha poster

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PechaKucha Wpg 2015
For 2015, I have the honour and challenge of designing all of the promotional materials for PechaKucha Night Winnipeg. One of my favourite events in Winnipeg (and not just because I help to organize it), PechaKucha Night Winnipeg is now in it’s sixth year. Over the year’s we’ve been able to celebrate a wealth of Winnipeg talent, guaranteeing our audience an eclectic source of creative energy and inspiration. So my goal was to visually represent that in the promo pieces.
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Introducing I/WE/YOU personalized prints

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I/WE/YOU samples, Karenia Niedzwiecki

In December 2012, while in the midst of my 365two project, I thumbnailed a product idea in my sketchbook. It was somewhat inspired by Dan A’Vard’s SPICES affirmations (see Week 7 of my 365two project), but evolved from there. Essentially I wanted to offer a series of personalized prints where individuals or families could list the traits that define them, their new baby, a good friend, etc. I saw it as a chance for people to take some time to reflect through ‘I am…’, ‘We are…’ or ‘You are…’ statements.
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365two: Days 148-154

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This week, I decided to focus on creating a photo book of our Florida Hiatus. Considering that two years have gone by since we got home from that trip, it is high time that I get to printing our photos. I’ve been wanting to experiment with Lightroom 4’s book module, so rather than use InDesign, I went with Lightroom’s page layout templates. There is actually a fair amount of flexibility, but I still found myself wishing for the total design control that InDesign allows.
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