365two: Days 162-168

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This week was a week of family projects. I had intended on starting and finishing a wine label design for Mom & Dad (they are making wine now, with produce from their garden), but I didn’t fully finish the project. As you can see from my sketches below, I got to the point of a rough comp, but I’m not happy with the design yet. I also spent a good portion of the weekend helping my sister Elaine start her photography website — setting up hosting, buying her a domain name, getting her going in WordPress, etc. It was fun, and I’m suffering from a bit of WordPress theme jealousy. I can’t wait to see her site up and running — she’s got some great work and it’s time it is showcased professionally.

I could do my usual and fill in the rest of the week with random Instagram shots, but I’d rather keep this post on topic. Just trust me that I did do something creative each day.
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