Days 274-280

365two: Days 274-280

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Week 40 and I flat out cheated. Didn’t even think about my 365two project for most of the week. Instead Rob & I got stuff down around the house… I spent hours out in the yard, mowing, weeding and checking out my garden. Caught up on paperwork, did a major clean down in the basement and finally got to our eaves-troughs. It all sounds so mundane when I write it here, but it felt really good to focus on home for a bit. I did manage to fit in a couple of good visits — one with my niece and one with a good friend, as well as a couple of bike rides.

Above is my favourite Instagram photo of the week. I took it while bike riding down the Harte Trail in Charleswood. I saw at least 10 deer on my way there and back, but most of all, I loved hearing the insects amongst the tall grass.