Starscapes and other things

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I went camping with friends for September long… it’s become a tradition, and we’ve been camping together (with generally the same group of people) since 2006. Lots of memories. In addition to the usual chatting, eating, relaxing and hiking, I learned a few new things.
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365two: Days 246-252 / country photos

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This is the last week that I’ll be using my 365 project time to focus on our upcoming gallery show. I do still have quite a bit of work to get done (mounting the photos, laying out all of the labels, etc.), but it will get done behind the scenes. This weekend Elaine and I are focused on getting our files off to print. I don’t really want to share our photos now, as I want to save them for the gallery show. So instead, I thought I’d share some more pics of the country we love (taken on my iPhone because I somehow forgot my SLR). These were taken on my June solstice camping trip.
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365two: Days 232-238

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I am posting this a whole week late, but here goes! Last year, my Dad and I spent the better part of a day moving an old shed from their farm to the campground. For quite a few years now, I had been thinking that it would be nice to have a dry spot to keep wood for the campfire. Not a total necessity, but definitely nice to have. So, as I said, we moved a shed down.
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Camping (September long, 2012)

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Blog: Camping (September long, 2012)a
I went camping out at home with some good friends this past weekend. We’ve all lost track of how long we’ve been camping together, but we think it’s been since 2005 or so. At this point, they are my camping family… sometimes there is a new addition or two, but our core group remains the same. This time, there were 13 of us (including two little guys under two years old).
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Winnipeg Folk Festival 2012

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My impressions of this year’s Winnipeg Folk Festival (my eighth year in a row)…
After this many years, folk fest feels like home. I feel 100% comfortable and safe, surrounded by good folkie souls. Sunday always comes with mixed emotions — on the one hand, I’m missing my husband and dog and kind of want to go home, and on the other hand, I wish it could go on for a few more days. It’s all part of the cycle though and now we get to look forward to next year! This wasn’t my favourite year for music, but I still had a wonderful time and based on my list below, have lots of artists to check out and enjoy further.
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My summer so far

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I’ve had a great summer so far, and wanted to share a little of it via some photos. From Jazz Fest to planting flowers to camping/drumming with friends to spending time with Rob up at a cabin in the Whiteshell, it has all been lovely. And tomorrow I head off to the Winnipeg Folk Festival for more summer fun. Woot! Woot!

Photos below.
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