Assiniboine Park

The art of the long photo wander

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I’ve always loved long walks (growing up in the country, I had the chance to wander a lot), but since growing into my love for photography, I enjoy them even more. Whether I’m by myself, walking with my dog, or wandering with a good friend or family member, it’s interesting to push myself to see differently. To see the wider scenes and the small details, to experiment with different camera lenses, to seek texture and colour, and sometimes… to never take the camera out of my bag.
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Bike ride bliss

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Rob and I went on a lovely long bike ride today… we rode trails, we both had a minor wipe out, we had mini-races — he beat me on the trails, I beat him on the road… we rode to Assiniboine Park and then to FortWhyte Alive and then through Assiniboine Forest and back home. We saw deer, flocks of geese, a herd of bison and a horse. We found an awesome tree house, plus bench seating and a checkerboard made out of tree stumps. There were leaves all over the ground, crunching beneath our bike tires and sunny skies overhead. In short, it was the perfect fall bike ride. We are both tired and smiley. We are happy :)
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The city in white

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Yesterday we woke up to the city coated in white. Hoarfrost had descended over night, wrapping itself around every branch, twig and blade of grass. It really is one of the most beautiful sights, especially when the fog hasn’t yet lifted and we end up with layers of white on white.
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