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365two: Days 288-294

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I’ve decided to put an end to my 365two project. For all I know, I may end up doing just as much as before, but I’d rather post to my blog when I truly have something good or interesting to share. This week I wasn’t in the mood to do this project again… so I didn’t. Of course I ended up taking Instagram pics, but I can’t say that was the original intention of this project, or that I stuck to a theme for the week, or even took an iPhone snap every day. So essentially I cheated again :/

All told, there have been very few weeks in this abridged 365 project where I actually did what I said I was going to. I had been aiming for one high quality piece each week, with every day of the week being spent starting, refining and finishing the concept. However I found I didn’t have the motivation to put that sort of time in. On the plus side, I had a few happy outcomes — there are some bigger design projects/products being planned for in my sketchbook (to be focused on one day when I have more time). As well, I have the start of a solo gallery show theme percolating in my head and last but not least, I’ve discovered I quite like sketching patterns. Actually that’s huge… after several years of not sketching for fun anymore, I’ve started to do so again. So I supposed this project has been a good thing… just perhaps too long of a thing.
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