365two: Days 288-294

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I’ve decided to put an end to my 365two project. For all I know, I may end up doing just as much as before, but I’d rather post to my blog when I truly have something good or interesting to share. This week I wasn’t in the mood to do this project again… so I didn’t. Of course I ended up taking Instagram pics, but I can’t say that was the original intention of this project, or that I stuck to a theme for the week, or even took an iPhone snap every day. So essentially I cheated again :/

All told, there have been very few weeks in this abridged 365 project where I actually did what I said I was going to. I had been aiming for one high quality piece each week, with every day of the week being spent starting, refining and finishing the concept. However I found I didn’t have the motivation to put that sort of time in. On the plus side, I had a few happy outcomes — there are some bigger design projects/products being planned for in my sketchbook (to be focused on one day when I have more time). As well, I have the start of a solo gallery show theme percolating in my head and last but not least, I’ve discovered I quite like sketching patterns. Actually that’s huge… after several years of not sketching for fun anymore, I’ve started to do so again. So I supposed this project has been a good thing… just perhaps too long of a thing.
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365two: Days 281-287

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I carried my camera around with me every day this week. I had a good theme to work with, and great buildings to photograph near or at University of Manitoba’s Fort Garry campus. Carrying my SLR around made me look for different angles, quiet areas and lovely light. It was fun to see my workplace with fresh eyes, and to look for intriguing reflections in windows.
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365two: Days 274-280

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Week 40 and I flat out cheated. Didn’t even think about my 365two project for most of the week. Instead Rob & I got stuff down around the house… I spent hours out in the yard, mowing, weeding and checking out my garden. Caught up on paperwork, did a major clean down in the basement and finally got to our eaves-troughs. It all sounds so mundane when I write it here, but it felt really good to focus on home for a bit. I did manage to fit in a couple of good visits — one with my niece and one with a good friend, as well as a couple of bike rides.

Above is my favourite Instagram photo of the week. I took it while bike riding down the Harte Trail in Charleswood. I saw at least 10 deer on my way there and back, but most of all, I loved hearing the insects amongst the tall grass.

365two: Days 260-266

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Rob and I spent most of this last week at a little cabin in West Hawk Lake. It was really nice for us to get away from our usual routine and to make ‘play’ the focus of our days. We hiked up a cliff, we went to the beach a couple of times, played shuffleboard (Rob won best of seven… twice) and went for a couple of good long bike rides (30km and 20km) on the Trans Canada Trail between West Hawk Lake and Falcon Lake. The trail was full of ups and downs, something I’m not that used to, and my legs were killing me by the end. But it was awesome and super fun. My favourite part of the trail was in a pine stand that was planted in 1959. It was beautiful… tall trees and red pine needles covering the forest floor. In other highlights, we had almost nightly visits from a very friendly deer. I took photos every day… here’s the ones I liked the most (Rob took the ones of me).
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365two: Days 253-259

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I’m just back from my yearly trip to the Winnipeg Folk Festival. This was my 10th year and it was fantastic as always… lots of time with friends, good music, total relaxation. This year I brought a hammock along (a very good addition) and I tried to sketch a little every day. I also took a couple of photos that I’ve shared below. Now I’m off to continue my summer vacation… next stop, cabin.
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