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Cattails at sunset, by Karenia Niedzwiecki
Cattails at sunset
My dog and I walk the trail by the Assiniboine Forest pond, where cattails stand tall against the winter sunset sky.
Covered In Ice, Karenia Niedzwiecki
Covered in ice
It is an icy morning, and the barbed wire fence, trees and grass are all frozen under.
Lakeside Fields, Karenia Niedzwiecki
Lakeside fields
The rolling hills of southwestern Manitoba are full of views like this (if you know where to look).
Dandelion Ghost, Karenia Niedzwiecki
Dandelion ghost
Dandelions are at their prettiest when they’ve gone to seed; this one was particularly large.
Reflective, Karenia Niedzwiecki
The glass pyramid roofs of the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton reflect on the water below.
Repetition, Karenia Niedzwiecki
Glass water bottles add to the ambiance at Corso 32, a lovely restaurant in Edmonton.
Home Shines Bright, Karenia Niedzwiecki
Home shines bright
Night in the country is different from night in the city. Unless there’s a full moon, the darkness is broken up only by the warm glow of yard lights off in the distance.
Warm reflections, Karenia Niedzwiecki
Warm reflections
An early morning photo shoot at the pond across from work resulted in this unique abstract image.
The Barn, Karenia Niedzwiecki
The barn
Weathered and full of texture, this barn stood for many years past its last use. The site of my first memory, it will always be special to me.
Silhouetted Seeds, Karenia Niedzwiecki
Silhouetted seeds
A tall plant found alongside a country road near Aria, New Zealand.
When Ghosts Walk, Karenia Niedzwiecki
When ghosts walk
Dramatic clouds and whispers of fog move over the landscape. The lights and silhouettes of Cypress River are seen off in the distance.
Delichte Light, Karenia Niedzwiecki
Delicate light
A shrub photographed against a building in Winnipeg’s Exchange District.
Rainy River, Karenia Niedzwiecki
Rainy river
On a rainy September long weekend, I wandered along the Cypress River in southwestern Manitoba. The raindrops were lovely in the morning light.
Jericho, Karenia Niedzwiecki
Wise, soulful and kind, this horse bucked me off when I tried to jump on bareback.
Raindrops, Karenia Niedzwiecki
Thousands of raindrops ripple on the surface of the river, creating a quiet texture.
Levitate, Karenia Niedzwiecki
We are all fragile at times
Floating over a bed of thistles (this is a self-portrait).
The End, Karenia Niedzwiecki
The end
A self-portrait created in 2010 to recognize the last day of my 365 photo project.