It’s Friday night and I designed a notepad

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Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a bit of an organizational nut. Not in the sense that I’m organized 100% of the time, but definitely in the sense that I get overly-excited about things that are meant for organizing. At work, I have a few friends who are equally excited about such things… to the point, that we sometimes email each other to compare how much we’re geeking out about our new organizational system of the week, special project or funky tabs meant for sticking on things. Oh yes…
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One year at U of M

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Today marks one year of my working at the University of Manitoba (yay!). To celebrate, I’m sharing a selection of photos that I’ve taken on campus over the last year. They really give a sense of the sheer variety of interesting things that I see on a day-to-day basis. I hope you enjoy the view!

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Happy Halloween!

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Blog: Halloween

Happy Halloween from some past costumes of mine! From left to right: crayola crayons (courtesy of my Mom), traveling hobo (mask made by my Dad), Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas (costume made by me) and last but not least, little girls dressup gone mad (courtesy of random things from my closet).


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Thumbnail: I was sad that dayI went to see the Robert Houle exhibit at the University of Manitoba’s School of Art Gallery today.

After taking his art in, I picked up the show catalogue and read the piece written by David McIntosh. There was a part in it that particularly resonated with me. For purposes of this post, I’m only going to share that specific portion (quoted from page six), but if you ever have the opportunity to read the whole catalogue, it will give better context.

“For Robert, a more meaningful concept than forgiveness is pahgedenaun, an Anishnabe term that translates roughly to English as “let it go from your mind” and which appears in the painting titled people in Sandy Bay Residential School 1. Pahgedenaun is a self-defining and self-determining act while forgiveness is an act of submission to the will of others”.

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