365two: Days 246-252 / country photos

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This is the last week that I’ll be using my 365 project time to focus on our upcoming gallery show. I do still have quite a bit of work to get done (mounting the photos, laying out all of the labels, etc.), but it will get done behind the scenes. This weekend Elaine and I are focused on getting our files off to print. I don’t really want to share our photos now, as I want to save them for the gallery show. So instead, I thought I’d share some more pics of the country we love (taken on my iPhone because I somehow forgot my SLR). These were taken on my June solstice camping trip.
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365two: Days 239-245

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This week, more gallery show work. Our deadline to get our photos off to print is coming up fast, and Elaine and I are working hard to finalize the size and placement of all our images. In addition, I’ve designed an Artist’s Statement & Bio poster and a label template for our images. Ideally all of the major work needs to be wrapped up in the next week or so (eek!). I’m feeling the stress a bit, and wondering why we thought it was a good idea to have a gallery show in the summer! It is just so tempting to be outside instead of stuck in front of the computer. Still having fun though.
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365two: Days 232-238

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I am posting this a whole week late, but here goes! Last year, my Dad and I spent the better part of a day moving an old shed from their farm to the campground. For quite a few years now, I had been thinking that it would be nice to have a dry spot to keep wood for the campfire. Not a total necessity, but definitely nice to have. So, as I said, we moved a shed down.
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365two: Days 225-231

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This week, Elaine and I kept at it… working on planning our August gallery show. Elaine got all the writing done, plus checked into print pricing, etc. and I took our rough sketch of a layout to something a little more organized. In total, we plan to print and hang around 25 photos — visitors can expect to see a collection of fine art photography, depicting images of home and the bits of country that we’ve discovered in other places. Elaine and I find peace out there, and we hope that will come through in our exhibit.
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365two: Days 218-224

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This week my sister Elaine and I started planning our next gallery show in earnest and as a result, my 365two project is going to focus on that for the next few weeks. We are both madly trying to finish the bulk of the work before end of June so that we can enjoy our summer outside (instead of in front of the computer). Our combined photography show will be up for the entire month of August at the Tiger Hills Arts Association (THAA) gallery in Holland, Manitoba.
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365two: Days 211-217

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This week is all about music. Mostly I listen to it on my drive to and from work, but if I’m at my desk long enough I also listen to it there… and sometimes before bed, and even more occasionally, sometimes when I’m cooking. I’m pretty attached to CBC Radio One (talk radio), so I often have that on instead. I’m not much of a shopper, so I’ve discovered wandering around the grocery store or the mall with a good playlist cheers me up immensely. The one place that I rarely listen to music is when I’m outside. I prefer to simply hear the sounds around me… the birds, the traffic, people talking, etc.

In any case, here are seven songs that seemed to jive with my mood each day. Enjoy!
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