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Taking a break

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Taking a break photo

You may have noticed that I’ve been taking a rather long blogging break. I’ve been focusing on my relatively new daughter who is all kinds of special to me. So for now, this blog archive represents my creative pursuits and inspiration from 2011-2015. If you care to read back in time, you’ll find recaps of local design events, notes and thoughts on gallery shows, and photos and stories from my travels.

I’ve been finding it hard to make time for creative pursuits, never mind blogging about them, so in the meantime, for my most current photography and sketches, you can check out my Instagram feed.

Thanks as always for the interest and comments. I always love to hear from you.

The dreamKarenia project

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dream Karenia dream
I’ve started a new creative writing project that takes its inspiration from my dreams. As far back as I remember, I’ve always been a vivid dreamer… sometimes dreaming multiple storylines a night. So I thought it would be interesting to capture snippets of them, and weave them into one long, strange story, written one night at a time.
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Perspectives show wrap-up

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Perspectives Gallery Show & Sale 1
My sister Elaine, our friend Laurie and I were pleased to have our Perspectives gallery show and sale at the Tiger Hills Arts Association gallery in Holland, Manitoba during the month of May, 2015. The building is a work of art in itself… full of character with its wood floor and framing and best of all, its intricate ceiling. In addition to housing different gallery shows each month, the space is home to a gift boutique… which means interesting things of all kinds for visitors to view and browse through.
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The art of the long photo wander

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I’ve always loved long walks (growing up in the country, I had the chance to wander a lot), but since growing into my love for photography, I enjoy them even more. Whether I’m by myself, walking with my dog, or wandering with a good friend or family member, it’s interesting to push myself to see differently. To see the wider scenes and the small details, to experiment with different camera lenses, to seek texture and colour, and sometimes… to never take the camera out of my bag.
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Perspectives photography show & sale

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Laurie McPherson, Karenia Niedzwiecki and Elaine O’Keeffe are three women who share common roots and a passion for visual imagery. Perspectives is a collection of fine art photography that reflects their unique view of their varied surroundings. The show and sale includes images ranging from locations in southwestern Manitoba and western Canada to as far away as Australia, Belgium, France, Italy and New Zealand.

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