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By July 5, 2015Blog, dreamKarenia

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I’ve started a new creative writing project that takes its inspiration from my dreams. As far back as I remember, I’ve always been a vivid dreamer… sometimes dreaming multiple storylines a night. So I thought it would be interesting to capture snippets of them, and weave them into one long, strange story, written one night at a time.

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dreamKarenia 01/07-15

dreamKarenia 02/07/15

Snippets of the dreams that I dream… woven into a strange story written one night at a time. In four sentences or less.

dreamKarenia 04/07/15

Of course there are some mornings that I wake up without any memory of dreaming the night before. When that is the case, I’ll wait until the next evening for a new dream snippet.

I hope you’ll follow along and would love to hear your response as the story builds. Self-published via Instagram and Twitter, it’s an easy-to-read moment in your day. And I hope… one that feeds the creative side of your brain.

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