Manitoba winters are beautiful

By January 25, 2015Blog, Photography

As I head off for a week of warm Miami Beach weather, I’m taking a moment to appreciate our beautiful Manitoba winters. Yes, it’s ridiculously cold sometimes, but as we’ve seen this year, it can also be wonderfully warm (for winter). The varying temperatures and wind work to shape the snow… to bring us stunning hoarfrost and to wow us with layers of ice. Early morning or evening walks can be magical when big fluffy flakes are falling, and the air can be so very crisp and fresh. Yes, winter can be a trying season, but it also brings a quiet, chilly beauty that no other season can.

These photos were taken on various winter wanderings, both north and south of Winnipeg. On one particular day, my fingers and toes were screaming with cold, but I was bundled up in warm clothes, in the company of my lovely sister Elaine and filled with giggles. My winter tip to you: just get out there and enjoy it.

ps. My three photos of textured snow are now for sale on Crated.

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