Fine art prints for sale on Crated

By December 7, 2014Blog, Photography


I now have a collection of fine art prints available for sale on Crated, which is an online community where you can buy, sell and discover art. My galleries include landscape, nature, object and urban photography. View my Crated art here.

Crated makes shopping for art easy. Once you’ve chosen a piece that you’re interested in, you can choose to order it as an art print, on canvas, or framed. There are several size and pricing options to choose from, and you can even view the art on a wall, to get a sense of what it will look like in a room.



I just ordered two of my prints (Silhouetted Seeds and Reflections) for an upcoming gallery show at the Cre8tery in Winnipeg, and am really pleased with the print quality and craftsmanship. To learn more about how Crated works to make photography and artwork look its best, read here.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about my fine art prints. If you live in Winnipeg and prefer to buy locally, I’m happy to provide you with a print quote.

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