PechaKucha Wpg, Vol. 20 (recap)

By December 5, 2014Blog, Culture, GDC

On December 4, GDC Manitoba presented the 20th installment of PechaKucha Winnipeg. That means five years folks! We couldn’t be prouder of the creative people living and working in Winnipeg.

The line up for Volume 20 included Stephen Sim (CRUMBS Improv Comedy), Caroline Piotrowski (Professor, U of M), Mike Latschislaw (Photographer & Filmmaker), Kate Fenske (Advertising Manager, MPI), Michael Thompson (Iron Man Curling Organizer), Scott Ford (Artist, Designer & Storyteller), Sarah Kirsch (Soprano/Vocalist), Hugh Hull (Builder), Reymond Pagé (Photographer & World Traveller), Renyl Lantano (Student, Graphic Designer & Illustrator) and Melissa Archer (Graphic Designer & PechaKucha City Host).

To give just a taste of the evening, I’ve put together a PechaKucha mash-up, using one line from each presenter, in the order they appeared on stage.

I thought I wouldn’t explain improv… I would DO improv. For me, my girls have inspired my work since before it began. 12% of Canada’s musicians live here in Winnipeg. It’s about turning your ‘should I’ and ‘wish I’ into ‘I did’. If you live in Manitoba, you know how to have fun outside. No matter what medium you work in, I believe that gaining skills and knowledge outside of that medium is essential to innovation. I’m a collaborative muse, I collaborate with sounds. I could see the building in my head, and it inspired me to keep going. All the time in the world is right now, and there’s a beautiful planet waiting for you to come find it. The roads people take can vary in many aspects. We have four events each year, and my presentation is the 219th.

And a bonus line from Melissa…

I’m so glad that you guys were all nervous, because I’m FREAKING OUT!

Curious to see the complete list of PechaKucha Winnipeg speakers from Volume 1 to now? If so, we invite you to wander over here.

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