PechaKucha Wpg, Vol. 19 (recap)

By October 26, 2014Blog, Culture, GDC

On October 23, GDC Manitoba presented the 19th installment of PechaKucha Winnipeg, and my sister Elaine and I were proud to be on the presenter list!

The line up for Volume 19 inlcuded Jomar Manzano (DCRA Co-Chair; Structural Designer EIT), Molly McCracken (Director, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives), Joanne Machado (Habitat for Humanity Women Build Volunteer), Rhiannon Leier Blacher (Two-time Olympian), myself & Elaine O’Keeffe (Photographers), Carl Shura (Graphic Designer), Melissa Tait (Winnipeg Free Press Journalist and Multimedia Editor), Michael P. Falk (Singer with ‘Les Jupes’), Roberta Hansen (Freelance Graphic Designer), Leif Norman (Photographer; Organizer of Flash Fest), Danika Bock (Shop Co-Owner ‘Tiny Feast’), Liz Wreford Taylor (Principal Landscape Architect at Plain Projects) and James Magnus-Johnston (CASSE Director of Canadian Operations).

As is a tradition with me, I’ve put together a PechaKucha mash-up, using one line from each presenter, in the order they appeared on stage.

We are different versions of ourselves at any one point. The youth took us on tours of their neighbourhoods. I’m addicted to volunteering for Habit for Humanity. Either I went to practice or I quit the sport – there was no halfway. It’s where we go to recharge and feel at peace; it’s where our roots are. There’s a lot to say about this but I’m here to talk about having a surprise wedding. They had this idea that people were happier in beautiful cities. We only really stand a chance if we have a sound that’s all our own. Winter is an incubator for the arts. Winnipeg has a festival for almost everything, so it seemed like Winnipeg should have a photographic one. I have always loved the idea of being a shopkeeper. We hoped they might remember it as the bubble alley. We’re overproducing and over-consuming just about everything.

If you would like to view our presentation again in written form, or share it with others, you can find it on the University of Manitoba news site, here.

And now, putting my GDC hat on, a very big thanks to all of our speakers! You make PechaKucha Winnipeg the eclectic, fun, inspiring event that it is and you make us very proud to be Winnipegers.

Curious to see the complete list of PechaKucha Winnipeg speakers from Volume 1 to now? If so, we invite you to wander over here.

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