Explode. Escape. Exhale

By September 1, 2014Blog, Etcetera


I wrote this a few weeks back, at the end of a long day that ended up with me feeling overwhelmed and anti-social. I’m an introvert in that I draw energy from being alone or in small groups. I can get through a regular work day, but if I have to add another group social obligation after that, I end up feeling pretty drained. It usually takes a strong dose of solo outdoor time to recover.

On a related note, Fast Company had a really interesting article on introverts/extroverts (worth a read).

I’m tired, my insides feel
as though
they can’t handle
another minute.

I have to get out
walk… for a long while.
Let the air
and the sound of
in tall grass
soothe me.

Slowly my mind
will calm,
feel clear;
my insides at peace…
and all
will be right

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