Tree stumps and prairie grass

By August 7, 2014Blog, Photography

On my latest wander with camera in hand, I was most drawn to nature in all of its beautiful, textured detail. Prairie grasses waving in the wind, and groups of stumps arranged in interesting patterns — thought I’d share a few of the photos that I took that day.

I’ve been reading a lot lately; both thoughtful and mindless books… and in a book in which I was thoroughly enjoying but wasn’t expecting to think all that hard, I came across this line of dialogue from one of the characters: “People often talk about observing nature. By saying so they set a distance between themselves and what is really a part of them. They miss a part of their very being. I am not just watching this. I am this.” Somehow looking through the lens of a camera and soaking in the details makes me feel a little more as though I’m part of where I am and what I’m looking at.




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