Table for 1200

By June 1, 2014Blog, Culture, Design, GDC

I was one of 1200 people sharing a lovely prairie-inspired meal last evening on the Esplanade Riel. GDC Manitoba sponsored two of the 150 tables that made up the full length of Winnipeg’s Table for 1200. What a perfectly lovely way to spend a summer evening… visiting with other members of GDC Manitoba and having a few hours to soak in the best of Winnipeg.

Over the space of a few hours, the Table for 1200 event gave me a chance to sit in one of Winnipeg’s prettiest places and appreciate the nature and architecture around me. To watch and feel the light change from bright sunshine to sunset to dusk, and to see what the change in light brought to the scene. I loved experiencing such a creative event, and seeing 150 ways to design a table setting. I took the walk from one end to the other a couple of times over the evening and there was always something new to see.


A huge thank you to Adrian Shum and Carson Samson who served as our table captains. You both did an awesome job and it was much appreciated! Thanks as well to the organizers of the event… it can’t imagine the amount of work it must have taken to pull this off, but I’m sure hoping you have the energy to do it again next year. It gave Winnipeg yet another awesome thing to talk about.

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