Photo essay: “A year on the farm”


My first photo essay “A year on the farm” is up on UM Today, the University of Manitoba’s news site. Read the full essay here.

This was my first experience weaving a story together using photos as the thread. The photo essay is a culmination of a year of documenting our family farm through photography. My sister Elaine and I took the majority of the photos, with our family filling in some additional pieces. If you’d like to dig deeper and see even more photos, we blogged throughout that year, and the posts can be found here.

I’m feeling inspired to do more long-term projects like this. There’s something to be said for really getting to know a subject, and then using words to provide added context. So much of my photography is just a quick visual glimpse.

ps. A big thank you to everyone at work who gave me creative guidance and editing assistance while I was writing this.

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