PechaKucha Wpg, Vol. 17 (recap)

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Last night (March 6), GDC Manitoba’s 17th installment of PechaKucha Winnipeg took place at the Park Theatre. An unexpected Winnipeg theme threaded through the evening, as our eclectic group of presenters shared their thoughts and inspired the audience.

Thursday night’s line-up included Dylan Fries (Director, Co-Owner at Electric Monk Media), Shouresh Jalili (Designer and Instructor at RRC), Anita Moeller (Teacher), Donavan Robinson (Vantage Studios), Kalyn Falk (Author – “Mother of the year and other elusive awards”), Karen Allen (Graphic Designer, The Manitoba Teachers Society), Mike Iwasiow (Founder, BookedIN), Christian Worthington (Artist/Painter), Ian Hall & David Pensato (Actif Epica), Thomas Murphy & David Kotschorek (RRC Graphic Design Students), Shannon Chimuk (Kiss the Girl Photography) and Bartley Kives (Writer, Winnipeg Free Press).

Here is a sprinkling of PechaKucha goodness (in order of presenters):

There is mathematical simplicity behind complexities of form. To me doodles are probably the most honest form of art you can have. My husband won’t let me hang them in the house, so I have to keep them outside (paint-by-number). Work smarter, not harder. I had to let go of the story I wanted to tell and trust that my story was enough. I walked past a busker playing accordion in a horse mask. I believe there’s no better way to encourage your kids to pursue their dreams than to pursue your own. We’ve come to read images like text. The strategies have to be tuned to the landscape. He’s kind of like the Yoda of our classroom. All of the women who come to my studio have some kind of glamour mask. Cities do not need myths and Winnipeg can’t afford any more myths—we need to be OK with who we are.

If you’d like to see some photos from the evening, I suggest wandering over here.

Poster design: Melissa Archer

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