A winter visit home

By February 9, 2014Blog, Photography

My sister and I went home to visit our family this weekend. I say the same thing every time, but it was so lovely to be out in the country and to have time to visit and relax. Elaine and I were feeling very thankful for each other… both so happy that we have a mutual love for photography and for wandering off the beaten path. The highlights of the weekend were the northern lights and star photography, trudging through the snow in the Cypress River valley and eating soup, sandwiches and pie in the community hall.

On Friday night, the northern lights were faint, but we were still able to photograph them. After a while though, I turned the other way, to capture the stars and sculpted snow banks. I really like how partway through the winter, the snow banks become hard enough to walk on… it feels like a different landscape. I also get the giggles every time I suddenly break through the snow and sink down until it is over my knees.

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon; crisp, sunny and bright. Elaine and I walked down into the valley and then set off down a snowmobile path, which was hard-packed enough for us to walk down. We wandered along the valley, and then headed up the hill, over the hill and back to the car.

My three favourite photos made it into my The Daily Photo project:
View Friday
View Saturday
View Sunday

And here are some additional pictures from the weekend…







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