PechaKucha Wpg, Vol. 16 (recap)

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On December 5, GDC Manitoba’s 16th installment of PechaKucha Winnipeg took place at the Park Theatre. As always, it was an eclectic, inspiring mix of awesomesauce. My personal favourite was Tannis Zimmer, who rocked us with her rhyming story presentation about the heart and the mind.

Thursday night’s line-up included Thom Fougere (Creative Director at EQ3), Jomar Manzano (DCRA Co-Chair; Structural Designer EIT), Nick Fast (Founder of We Are Young People for Change), Greg Fritz (Soapstone Carver), Ray Fenwick (Designer/Artist), Keith Otto (Unity Developer for Pomo Project), David Lipnowski (Photographer), Bill Acheson (Graphic & Digital Media Designer for RRC), Sheena Crookes (Jewellery Designer), Doug McArthur (Online Marketing Specialist), Tannis Zimmer (Massage Therapist, Musician, Dancer) and Alex Krosney, aka Lex Go (WRDL Skater and Trainer).

Here is a sprinkling of PechaKucha goodness (in order of presenters):

I wanted to make furniture, something solid and sturdy and heavy and true. To understand your city and people, you must be willing to walk it. We set out to become the human beings we were meant to be. What’s really neat about soapstone carving is when you’re done carving, you just polish it up. Mother nature does the paint job for you. I asked myself: what can I do in monologue that I can’t do in dialogue? There’s no clear gesture to tell a car to transform into a giant robot. I do this every single day regardless of where I am. There’s a tonne of value in creating things just for the sake of doing so. There’s a very special energy in my space that comes from the stories in those skateboards. Search is people. Let the heart hold the vision and the mind take the notes. It’s a love story told in smudge sharpie and bruises.

If you’d like to see some photos from the evening, I suggest wandering over here.

Poster design: Jeope Wolfe

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