Introducing I/WE/YOU personalized prints

By November 9, 2013Blog, Design, Photography

I/WE/YOU samples, Karenia Niedzwiecki

In December 2012, while in the midst of my 365two project, I thumbnailed a product idea in my sketchbook. It was somewhat inspired by Dan A’Vard’s SPICES affirmations (see Week 7 of my 365two project), but evolved from there. Essentially I wanted to offer a series of personalized prints where individuals or families could list the traits that define them, their new baby, a good friend, etc. I saw it as a chance for people to take some time to reflect through ‘I am…’, ‘We are…’ or ‘You are…’ statements.

So for example, if I were to define myself, I would write:

I am Karenia.
I am caring.
I am independent.
I am hardworking.
I’m smart and organized.
I love snuggles.
I like my space.
I feel at home in the country.
I love to explore.
I am scared sometimes.

The idea sat in the back of my mind, and in my sketchbook, for several months… but this fall, I finally got into full design mode. I asked four good friends to go through the exercise themselves, and each came back with different words, phrases and approaches. That’s what has me so excited about my I/WE/YOU personalized prints — it’s so interesting to see what people write and to learn how they see themselves (or their child, family or friends). Thanks very much to my friends for participating, and helping to kick this project into gear.

If you would like to purchase an I/WE/YOU personalized print, please check out the selection.

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