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By September 4, 2013Blog, Photography

I went camping with friends for September long… it’s become a tradition, and we’ve been camping together (with generally the same group of people) since 2006. Lots of memories. In addition to the usual chatting, eating, relaxing and hiking, I learned a few new things.

First, I tried some night photography! My friend Rich and I experimented with painting light trails (him running around with a flashlight, me capturing it on camera). Then, I did my best to capture the beautiful sky just FILLED with stars. Saw a few falling stars too. I need to work on my technique, but I was pretty proud that I managed to do it at all.

In addition to all of that, my Dad and I continued to work on our campground woodshed. We put in quite a few hours to finish putting the walls on (alternating between poplar and spruce siding) and getting things in place for the door. I got a lot more practice hammering nails in, and am proud to say I can now work a hand saw pretty well and understand the basics of building a door jamb. Despite my Dad having significantly more energy than me (even though he is almost 82), it was really nice to work side by side with him. We work well together and I learned a lot.

Here are my favourite photos from the weekend:


  • Dan says:

    What a lovely looking weekend. The tent glowing under the stars is a stunning shot. I love you two next to the woodshed too. What a privilege, getting to build something with your dad and learning all about it.

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