Ode to Kato

By August 3, 2013Blog, Photography

Rob and I got our dog Kato ten+ years ago now. She’s a wonderful companion, always so happy to see us; and when not having one of her many naps, is a crazy bundle of energy. This makes it hard to get a good photo of her because she doesn’t like to stand still for very long. I like how the last photo shows the ‘wild’ in her — she’s most in her element outside, running free.

I’ve had a lot of pets over the years… since I was a farm girl, I had several cats, dogs and even a deer and a racoon. I used to love searching for new litters of kittens, and once I found them, sitting quietly near them until they trusted me enough to let me pet them. I had a cat called Tommy, or when he was in trouble THOMAS MARTEN!!! My Mom, Dad and I once went on a four-mile hike with my dog, our deer and a kitten following along. I used to ride my bike with my racoon sitting in a cardboard box that was tied to the handlebars. I also used to walk around with my racoon sitting on my shoulder. I was most closely attached to my dogs though. We had more on the yard over the years, but there were three in particular that I would consider best friends (Kato being one of them). When I lived on the farm, my dogs went everywhere with me, so even if I was off wandering alone, I always had an animal companion with me. I feel lucky to have had their love and affection.

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