365two: Days 267-273

By July 28, 2013365two, Blog, Gallery Shows


I am happy to say that after a busy week Elaine and I are ready for our August gallery show. We are really excited to see/hear the response to our The Country In Us collection! If you would like to attend, here is the info. Thanks to the Tiger Hills Arts Association for booking us… it is a special opportunity to show our photos near our first home.

The final week before a show is always filled with last-minute to-do’s. To give you a sense, here is what our week was like:
Monday: mounting the last of our photos, putting hanging hooks on everything, packing each photo individually for transport
Tuesday: deciding on pricing, prepping an inventory list for the gallery, coordinating drop-off time
Wednesday: writing/designing all of the labels, designing a last-minute poster
Thursday: printing/trimming all labels and packing them with each photo, website updates
Friday: packing everything into the car, dropping it off in Holland, MB
Saturday: taking a small town tour with Mom to hang posters
Sunday: more website updates

Phew! It’s fun, but a lot of work.

A snapshot of my week, via Instagram

For the rest of this month, I’m turning my attention to play (no more big side projects for the rest of the summer). I’m also happy to finally have time to focus on home. There has been a to-do list stacking up in Rob & I’s mind, with everything we need/want to get done around the house and yard. Today is going to be a day of mowing, weeding and paying attention to my garden. I’m excited to be outside all day :)


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