PechaKucha Wpg, Vol. 14 (recap)

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On May 16, GDC Manitoba’s 14th installment of PechaKucha Winnipeg took place at the Park Theatre. As always, I found lots to be inspired about… in particular, after getting the chance to see it in person a few weeks ago, I loved hearing about Erica Dueck’s piece called ‘The Epheremal Mind’.

Thursday night’s line-up included Talia Syrie (restaurant owner), Rob Krisjansson (special events liason), Jackie Dombing (writer, designer), Glenn Morison, Patrick Letourneau (3D artist), Ryan Roth Bartel (graphic designer, leather worker), Dede Taylor (an art history professor and our PKN video selection for the evening), Robin Debrueil (game developer), Erika Dueck (artist), Lief Norman (photographer), Toban Dyck (publisher, The Spectator) and Sarah Michaelson (DJ Mama Cutsworth).

Here is a sprinkling of PechaKucha goodness (in order of presenters):

Finally, never having worked in a restaurant before, I opened a restaurant on Main Street. Who here doesn’t love a parade? Jerks, that’s who. Thankfulness is a theme that resonates really loudly in my culture. His first protest was at the Winnipeg airport in 1965 — the first of over 400 protesters. It puts them at ease, this massive, ugly brute of a camera. I rediscovered leather as a medium. It gave unlimited creative uses to anyone who could boil water. We’re slowly absorbing the idea that digital things are real. If you’re curious, I bet you didn’t know this is the beginning of what inspiration looks like. I found her in an antique store, on Main Street. I do note… trying hard, going to bed, then trying hard again… is a good thing. I think we need to consider the term de-working — adjusting to a lack of formal structure.

Credits: Poster Design (Jeope Wolfe), Group Photo (Adrian J.K. Shum)

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