SPICES check-in #1

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I thought it was about time that I did a SPICES check-in. What are the SPICES? Well, they are a list of affirmations created by Dan A’Vard in Australia. In Week 7 of my 365two project, I designed this poster as a visual reminder. Anyways, here’s what I’ve been up to as of May 2013, and here’s what I’m hoping to do next.

Spiritual – I am centered, I am calm

I’ve been stressed at times (sometimes incredibly so). Also, I’ve been calm at times. Overall, I’d say I’ve been feeling pretty balanced. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been consciously training my mind to celebrate the positives rather than focus on the negatives. Hence, I’ve been acknowledging when I make healthy choices… even if they are small. I’ve also had a mini breakthrough, realizing that I can stop my stress in its tracks by simply telling myself that I can rely on one of my strengths — problem-solving. You know what? I’m good at solving problems and can find a way to deal with most situations when they happen. It was good to finally realize that. Sure I can stress out and not sleep, but it’s a lot more effective to simply deal with it when the time is right. Last but not least, I’ve been getting inspired by Dan A’Vard again, this time, with a meditation project he’s taking part in… Mindful in May. So if I think about next steps, I want to keep doing what I’m doing, but perhaps start incorporating meditation into my weeks.

Physical – I am fit, I am healthy

For the first time ever, I managed to go (fairly consistently) to the gym throughout the winter. I made it there once or twice a week, ran on the treadmill most of those times, experimented with weights here and there, stretched, did tai chi foundation exercises and rowed once in a while. I also spent lots of time outside with my dog Kato, walking in the neighbourhood and wandering through the forest. It doesn’t sound like much, but I ran a total of 35.5 miles (usually one or two miles at a time). Looking ahead, I’m running the relay at the Manitoba Marathon for the first time ever, planning to keep up the walking and also intending to bike to work at least once a week (plus more rides whenever I’m in the mood).

Food-wise, I’ve been up and down. After living on a very restricted diet for quite a while (due to a health issue), I’ve opened up my choices and am eating most foods again. I still do better when I avoid yeast, but otherwise, I’ve been feeling good. I’ve gained weight, which I don’t love, but am still well within healthy range for my height and age. It’s just that I’ve moved past my natural slightly underweight status that I’ve had since college. That said, I’ve been consistently active, and feel good about that. Eating well is a constant challenge, so I plan to do my best moving forward. Also, I’ve been getting inspired by Lindsay Hamel — she has such a down-to-earth, positive approach to health and fitness. I highly recommend connecting with her (either in person, on Twitter or through her blog).

Intellectual – I am interesting, I am learning

I took a Lightroom course at PrarieView School for Photography, I’ve read a good book or two, I’ve taken on some big projects at work and overall, did them well. I’m definitely learning some new skills there. I’ve also been blogging up a storm. Moving forward, I want to look into taking some University courses — probably photography, painting and ceramics to start, but long-term, I may work towards getting a Bachelor of Fine Arts. That’s a really long-term goal though. If I don’t do that, I want to attend some photography workshops and design conferences, either in Winnipeg or somewhere out-of-province.

Creative – I am inspired, I see beauty in anything

My main creative outlets have been Instagram and my 365two project. Work offers the occasional creative project and I’ve been going to Winnipeg South Photo Club events, as well as GDC Manitoba events. Through my 365two project, I’ve been sketching again… nothing ground-breaking, but I’m so happy to have found the desire to draw again (something I lost through the sheer intensity of design school). I’m in the early stages of planning an August gallery show with my talented sister Elaine. Other than that, I’m going to finish off my 365two project (am just over halfway through) and hopefully find my conceptual photography mojo again.

Emotional – I am open, I am sensitive

I feel good about this category. I am open, I am sensitive. That comes fairly naturally for me. I feel very connected to Rob these days. I feel like I know myself.

Social – I am engaged, I am engaging

I’ve been finding time to visit family and to see/call the friends that mean most to me. I’ve been emailing my faraway friends and wishing I could see them in person. I’ve been active in the design community, most recently attending the GDC national agm and soaking in the creative awesomesauce that is Pecha Kucha. Next week Thursday, I’m going to Victoria, BC for an extra long-weekend trip with my best friend. I’ve got camping trips and the ever-wonderful Winnipeg Folk Festival coming up. I’m excited for summer, long walks and visits on the deck.

Enough for now… until next time!

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