My favourite Manitoba destination

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This weekend, I went to my favourite place in Manitoba… home. I visited with my family, ate my Mom’s ridiculously good food, had naps, chilled out on the deck and went for hikes down in the Cypress River valley not once, not twice, but three times. The river is wider than I’ve ever seen it, and from the looks of the debris on the ground, it was at least two feet higher earlier this spring. My family tells me there was an ice jam near the bridge and the river got very close to flowing over the road. Each year, the river carves out more of the bank, changing the shape and moving the river bed over time. My mom, sister Elaine and our two dogs, Kato and Cosmo hiked up and down the river valley, seeing all sorts of interesting things. No matter how many homes I’ll live in, my first home will always have my heart.

Here is an almost 360 degree view of the river — taken while I was sitting on the river bank at our private campground. First camping trip is the weekend of June 21… can’t wait!

Cypress River, spring 2013 from Karenia on Vimeo.

And here are some of the photos I took along the way…

For the Manitoban’s reading this, what is your favourite destination within the province?
For everyone else, what is your favourite destination near where you live?

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