365two: Days 169-175

By April 21, 2013365two, Blog, Photography


I spent this week carrying around my Nikon. Provided I picked one lens, and didn’t bother with any of my other equipment, it fit nicely into my days. I wanted to photography the season change — to capture the snow and the puddles, the hints of green appearing out from under a thick winter snow, patterns in the ice, the river with ice half-melted and that still not-quite-summer light that seems to find itself indoors.

Spring has been extremely slow to come this year in Winnipeg. We’re all getting pretty sick of the snow at this point, and craving green grass and summer sunshine. On Monday we had a pretty big snowfall (for mid-April) and today more snow is coming down. Yesterday was a perfectly lovely day though. My friend David and I went for a long walk on the trails beside the Red River. It was a bit chilly, but the sun warmed us up — fun to hear the woodpecker’s beak-hammering the trees, and to wander trails that switched from mud to snow and back again. We also had the chance to see two dragon boats full of people; paddling as fast as they could to beach their boats on the ice. They seemed to be having a lot of fun.








My favourite photo of the week: the ubiquitous Canadian spring and fall pose — man (or woman) shades eyes to look up at the geese flying in formation overhead.


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