The city in white

By March 30, 2013Blog, Photography


Yesterday we woke up to the city coated in white. Hoarfrost had descended over night, wrapping itself around every branch, twig and blade of grass. It really is one of the most beautiful sights, especially when the fog hasn’t yet lifted and we end up with layers of white on white.

Naturally, given that we have our photography priorities straight, my sister Elaine and I went for a walk immediately. We went to Assiniboine Park, and given that we also have our dog owner priorities straight, brought Kato and Cosmo. Unfortunately, sometimes (really most of the time), photography and dogs clash. Yes, we thought to bring our tripods so we could get perfectly sharp shots. No, our dogs did not want to stand still long enough for us to actually use them. We get distracted every few minutes with new shots piling up in our viewfinder; they get impatient and start tugging on the leash. We would like to walk at a leisurely pace; they would like to run.

Needless to say, despite the appearance of these photos, it was not a relaxing walk. Also, in our goal of photographing the river, we repeatedly sunk into snow so deep we were in halfway up our thighs (resulting in Elaine having to take her boots off to shake the snow off). I was honestly a little bit happy to get back in the car and go home.

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