365two: Days 57-63

By December 30, 2012365two, Blog, Photography


For this week, I decided to give myself a daily dose of SLR. Over the last several months my picture-taking habits have changed, and given my overall goal of selling fine art photography, they’ve changed for the worse. I rarely use my Nikon D3100, and instead, seem to be in Instagram-mode.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love taking photos with my iPhone (whether using the built-in camera or an app like Instagram or Flickr), but I’d prefer to use it for slice-of-life shots, location scouting, concept ideas, etc. Unfortunately my Nikon to iPhone balance is all off. So this week was about righting that… about reminding myself why I like my SLR so much. After all, I did name it (for those who haven’t officially met my camera yet, her name is Niko Prairie) and Niko deserves to be used!








My favourite shot of the week is this one that I took while going for our second walk of the day with my sister Elaine. I love the light, the colour and the memory of the train clattering above my head.

Week 9: Final, Karenia Niedzwiecki

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