365two: Days 43-49

By December 16, 2012365two, Blog, Design


I have a Flickr friend (Dan A’Vard or ‘theapostrophe‘) who continues to inspire me with almost every image that he posts. I like the way that he sees the world, and I love the depth and thought that he adds with his words. Back in July, he wrote a blog post that really resonated with me — in part because over the last few years, I’ve spent my own time watching my body/mind/heart/soul levels, but also because he added some other dimensions, as well as his affirmations. He wrote that post for himself, but it was almost like part of it was written for me.

Anyways, after asking Dan’s permission, I decided to spend the week focusing on the SPICES (you’ll need to read his blog post to fully understand). My goal for the week was to design a small poster to frame and hang somewhere in our house as a daily reminder. However I plan to revisit this topic later in the year as I’d like to create a series of photographs that are based on the same theme.








Spiritual – I am centered, I am calm
Physical – I am fit, I am healthy
Intellectual – I am interesting, I am learning
Creative – I am inspired, I see beauty in anything
Emotional – I am open, I am sensitive
Social – I am engaged, I am engaging



  • Dan says:

    Thank you Karenia. Thank you. I am touched that you responded to my thoughts, my attempts to find balance in my life has resonated with you as well. It is remarkable how similar we can be on a fundamental level, how inspiration carries across oceans, genders, cultures and nests in someone ready to grow when the right environment is there. I would love a copy of the poster. A message and email address is on its way.

    • Karenia says:

      You are very welcome Dan… thanks again for inspiring me in the first place, and for letting me explore the SPICES creatively.

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