365two: Days 22-28

By November 25, 2012365two, Blog, Photography


I wasn’t sure what my focus would be for this week and was in fact sitting in the tunnels at lunch, sketching out another idea, when I took better notice of my surroundings and saw the sun streaming in, casting these great shadows on the floor. I knew I wanted to do something with that and to be honest, spent the rest of the week not thinking about my project very much. As a result, my photos and sketches were pretty random. Today when I went to the gym, I wandered to that section of the tunnels and played in the sunshine for a little while. I call my final photo for the week “Tunnel Multiplicity” (scroll all the way down and you’ll see why).








I love this particular section of the tunnels at U of M. In the winter, it’s a great place to sit at lunch and get some sun. I feel at peace there among the students.

TunnelMultiplicity, Karenia Niedzwiecki

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