365two: Days 1-7

By November 4, 2012365two, Blog, Design, Photography


For week one of my 365two project, I decided to design a tattoo for myself. I’ve had the idea in my head for a number of years now, so I feel confident that should I ever get a tattoo, that this is the one that I’d get. I would of course need to work with a tattoo artist, as I’m not sure I could have this level of detail (given the size that I’d like the tattoo to be; which is small). Anyways, I’m going to keep the meaning to myself — other than to say that my intention is to include my birth year. For internet purposes, I’m saying that’s the year 1900. But you get the idea.

The following images show my day-by-day progress. Final image revealed at the end.








Although my final image for the week is a simple self-portrait, I am infinitely more satisfied with it. By working on the same piece for an entire week, thereby slowing my creative process down, I was able to create a finished piece that I am really pleased with. Also, I love my virtual new tattoo.


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