Blog: 365two - start

On Monday, Oct-29-2012, I am going to start a new project that I’m calling ‘365two’. Like my first 365 project, this second one will serve as a daily, creative outlet. Beyond that though, my goal is for 365two to be more than a visual diary. Instead, I want it to be a project where I can focus on growing and developing ideas.

This time around, I want to put all of my creative skills into use (design, drawing, photography and writing… maybe even music). Rather than posting a photo to Flickr each day, I’ll be spending each week gathering inspiration, refining my idea and then developing the finished piece. I might end up with a fine art photograph, a design or art piece, the start of a product, a poem, or a combination.

At the end of the week, I’ll post one entry to my blog that summarizes the whole week, and shows my thought process and day-by-day progress. Note: If you happen to follow me on Instagram or Flickr, you’ll probably catch some extra glimpses of the project.

I’m getting excited!!! It will be great to practice my conceptual and technical skills, and to keep myself in a creative head space. I’ve been considering starting another 365 project for a while now, but the GDC Manitoba workshop that I went to last week was the final dose of inspiration that I needed.

Wish me luck!

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