Farm Project: October

By October 24, 2012Blog, Farm Project, Photography

Blog: Farm Project – October

I had to make an unexpected trip out home today for a funeral. It was for the mom of an elementary school friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in quite a few years. But I wanted to be there. It’s on days like these that I’m reminded how amazing small, hometown communities can be. There were so many people there, the church and hall packed, volunteers singing at the service, bringing baking and making/serving the lunch, etc. She was obviously a pretty special woman.

It’s weird how funerals turn into a bit of a reunion. I saw a bunch of my elementary school friends and other people from out at home. It was really nice to visit with them. Made me smile.

Anyways, after the funeral and lunch, my brothers got back to work. On the agenda for today was moving Gordie’s cattle from one pasture to another. The pasture that the cattle were in was pretty eaten down, so they were hungry and ready to move. So essentially, all my brothers had to do was lead the way, Gordie driving the tractor and Warren driving the gator. It took a little bit to get them across the road (we think they thought Warren’s dog was a coyote because they kept charging after it in the wrong direction).

That’s it for October’s installment… next trip is to a cattle sale that Gordie goes to each year.

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